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Solving the "What's For Dinner?" problem all week long. 

Let's Be Real.

Sometimes making dinner each and every night is hard.

I read somewhere that moms often start thinking about what to make for dinner around lunchtime, or maybe even earlier in the day? Let’s face it, even on a good day getting a healthy dinner served at a reasonable time without grumbling and then cleaned up can be an overwhelming task, especially after a busy day. 

My name is Amy. I am the mom of three kids, all now in their teens so I have plenty of years of experience making dinner. What I have decided all these years into it, is that it isn’t really as much about actually cooking dinner it’s about being prepared to cook dinner. Like many things in life, I have learned that a little preparation makes the chances of getting dinner on the table without so much stress you don’t enjoy it.

Something for everyone.

This plan is designed to be flexible. 


Feeding more people? Double the recipe.

Cooking for one or two? Select a few of the meals and follow instructions for freezing and storing the extra for another time.

Gluten-free? Trying to eat less meat? Options are included. Also included are “mom meals”, modifications to make a meal just a little healthier (like a lettuce wrap vs. a bun). 


Step 1.


Head to @11magnolialane on Instagram and make sure you are following us for tips and tricks to make dinner easy each night.


Step 2.

Sign up here the printables. Each Friday the meal plan, shopping list and recipes will come to you via email. 

use the mealplan

Step 3.

Open the meal plan and plan your week of meals. Take photos of the shopping list or open them on your phone at the store, you'll be prepared for the week ahead. 

Having the plan is what matters.


All the meals in the plan are simple, straightforward and without long lists of ingredients. Shortcuts are offered whenever possible, and each week offer a range of super simple meals (for busy nights full of activities) and slightly more involved dinners for nights when there is more time. 


Food is getting more and more expensive, so I keep the food budget in mind. I share all my best tricks for keeping shopping affordable but still focused on eating healthy.


Everyone has different needs--the meal plan includes healthy modifications for gluten-free, meatless, shortcuts, and portion adjustments.  The overall goal is to eat healthier and to eliminate how much fast food and processed for we're all eating.


The key to success is less about meal prep and more about planning ahead. While I will offer the encouragement to prep some ingredients ahead, it’s never essential, what I strive to do instead is design meals that have ingredients that can be used again later in the week on a busier night.

Just Easy Dinner Recipes

No long ingredient lists.

No fancy or expensive ingredients.

Simple shortcuts and modifications.

Healthy, nourishing and simple.

The Spring Printable Subscription costs only $12 for the rest of the session, it will end on April 30th.


What's in each meal plan?


4 to 5 healthy meals. Meals are designed to feed approximately four people, but modifications for more or less are simple. 


Most meals contain chicken, beef, pork but seafood options as well as vegetarian modifications are offered as appropriate. Meals are focused around a protein and vegetables with mainstream ingredients.


Shortcut ingredients (ie store bought sauce) are offered to save time but not the basis of any meal.


Each week a list of all ingredients is compiled into a grocery list to make shopping easy. 



Being a blogger for 12+ years at 11 Magnolia Lane, I have shared a ton of recipes. As my children grew, I found that evening time to be both the most hectic and the most special part of our day. The time around the dinner table is precious! I developed tricks, favorite recipes and strategies (mostly just that I needed to menu plan and have all the ingredients on hand--simple but yet, complicated, right?) to ensure we could sit down most nights without stress. Even those nights when we got home late, tired and hungry with some planning ahead I could be prepared with dinner. I felt called to create and share this product with you all, I hope it will bless your family.

My goal is to make this service valuable but also affordable. I know just how hard it is to get dinner on the table each evening day after day, so my hope is that this takes some of the stress out of it for you! Considering a drive-through meal is around $40 for a family of four, I am sure you will find the service well worth it.


Please note that a portion of all menu sales go directly toward local and national food banks to ensure everyone has a chance to eat well.